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Wild Catch Alaskan Salmon - Caught within miles of processing, shipped overnight to your door!

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Smoked Salmon Gift Trio

Buy 3, Get 1 Free Sale Ends Soon!

Taste, explore, compare and enjoy 3 different varieties (Wild Alaskan Sockeye, Wild Alaskan King and Wild Alaskan Pink) of traditional Northwest smoked salmon from the SeaBear Smokehouse, all in one beautifully boxed collection.

Each smoked salmon is vacuum sealed in SeaBear's famous Gold Seal pouch and gently cooked in its own natural juices; this preserves the salmon naturally so no refrigeration is required until opened. Ready to serve.

Net weight 18 ounces.

You save $16.98 when you buy these three varieties of Northwest Smoked Salmon in the Smoked Salmon Trio:

Sold Individually:
Smoked Sockeye Salmon (6oz) $16.99
Smoked King Salmon (6oz) $22.99
Smoked Pink Salmon (6oz) $14.99
Total $54.97

Get all three in the Trio Gift Box for $37.99 - You save $16.98